Let's grow more with less work for you and our planet

We need practical solutions to make sustainable living possible for everyone.
How can we grow more with less work while regenerating our planet
There are many solutions to turn your dream of growing plants into reality.
I’m here to support and inspire you to grow your own food without having to spend all your time in the garden. 


Permaculture is a positive design system and way of thinking that allows us to work with nature and not against it. We can provide for our needs while benefitting the environment. With permaculture we can live not just sustainbly but in a regenerative way. As opposed to many conventional methods, permaculture landscapes and systems get stronger and more robust with time and require less work to maintain.
The principles of permculture design can be applied by anyone, anywhere.



Learn about sustainable living and permaculture. From the very basics to fine details, you will learn how to apply your new knowledge practically, no matter where you live.


Practical plans how you can work with nature and not against it, to get the most out of your property. Services range from short consultations and sketches to complete designs and implementation strategies.


Custom built practical furniture and structures for your garden and home. From raised beds and worm composts to green-houses or buildings, wood is a fantastic regenerative resource to realise your dreams.

Meet Nick


Hey, I’m Nick and I believe that we can solve many of today’s problems once we start working with instead of against nature.
I have always been passionate about the environment and finding ways to live more sustainable lives.
Only sitting around a campfire and complaining won’t change anything. We need to come up with practical solutions and then organise and bundle our energies to implement them.
That’s why I studied and got a master of science in innovation and entrepreneurship. For my master thesis, I investigated the positive effect meditation has on sustainable decision making of entrepreneurs.
However, good decisions are only the first step. We need action and practical solutions.
To achieve this I have dedicated my life to learning about the environment and became a certified permaculture designer.
Getting started with permaculture can seem like an overwhelming task. That’s why I decided to support people and make it easy for everyone to use the unlimited potential of permaculture.
The knowledge enables us to transform and become the most beneficial species on our little, beautiful planet.


"In the H.E.A.R.T. education week, Nick was one of the teachers. He gave us a lot of information about the E. from Enviroment, in particular about how to create a Food Forest and how to teach a group of people to work together. Because of Nick's exceptional knowledge about nature, his enthusiastic and responsible attitude towards nature and everything that belongs to it, it was an awesome educational experience and heart-warming. So, thank you so much Nick!"​
Rita SterkenburG
I had the privilege to witness Nick doing what he is passionate about for a week and get his guidance. It was a life-changing experience for me as it motivated me to follow my own passions. As a result, within 2 weeks I founded my own company that focusses on just that. Nick's credibility is not just in the doing, but also in the being. His love for our planet is contagious. He is living it and breathing it. He is authentic. There will be a time when the name ’Nick Steiner’ stands for an authority, for instance in the in the field of permaculture, and need no further explanation. Nothing less than awe and gratitude for this man.​
David Meijers​
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