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Workshops & Seminars

The world of permaculture and sustainable living can seem quite overwhelming. That’s why I have condensed the research and best practices into practical solutions to get you up and running with permaculture and speed up your process towards a sustainble and self-sufficient life. Workshops and seminars are a great way for you to learn and practice at the same time.
The sessions consist of building a theretical knowledge base and applying your knowledge in a practical way.
Content is always adapted to the group for maximum learning success.

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Consulting & Design

Getting a piece of land is an important step towards a sustainable and self-sufficient life. But where do you go from there?
Permaculture enables us to get more output with less work while regenerating the environment at the same time.
However, learning about and gaining experience with permaculture practices is a long process, which is not feasible for everyone.
That’s why I offer consulting and full permaculture design and implementation strategies to get you the benefits without having to learn everything.  You might just need a few tips and ideas to improve your garden, or you are looking for a complete design and implementation strategy. You can decide how little or how much support is right for your project.
All services are tailored to fit your specific circumstances.

Available Services:

Practical Carpentry

Trees offer tremendous value to us. After their death, we can honour them with a beautiful final resting place by using them for practical carpentry.

Worm composts, Self-watering raised beds, greenhouses, benches, sheds, and buildings, everything is possible to support you on your path towards a sustainable self-sufficient life.
You can choose between pre-built products or get a customised design to fit your requirements. The only limit is our creativity.

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